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Alejandro Duncan Moore was born in Colón. Growing up, his father was a musician who played a variety of music styles, including calypso, and it was he who inspired Alejandro to become a musician as well. Alejandro attended a school set up through the Salvation Army, and eventually became a music professor. He is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish, and is married to a West Indian woman who has given him two children. Beyond his family, Alejandro continues to touch the lives of those around him through both his teachings and his music, and his legacy continues through his daughter, who is a saxophone player.


Aiesha Beech Verley

Interviewer Biography

Aisha Beech Verley serves as the liason between the VFOA team members and the Panamanians of West Indian descent interview respondents, and their families. She also works in the water testing and treatment department of the Panama Canal Authority. In addition to her liaison position, she also conducts interviews and  coordinates community events in Colón.

Interview Clip Transcript: 

Musical Tastes

Moore: In those days, celebration was nice, fierce. Yes. To have a TV you had to be like,rich. I grew up listening to radio like 6, 7, up to 10 year old. Then I listened to a little bitof calypsos that my father used to play. He was a Calyspsonian. That’s where I got my,my understanding of calypso and black music.
Interviewer: Do you remember any one of your favorite songs?
Moore: I remember a rock and roll song called Blue Eyes. That was one of my favorites. And Calypso my favorite was Island in the Sun.
This is my island in the sun/Where my people toiled since time begun/Having seen so many seas/This is the only [inaudible]/Oh island in the sun, dealt to me by my fathers hands/All the day I will sing and praise/Of the crystal waters and shining sun
Interviewer: Yeah!
Moore: And they had ah: Baby Blue Eyes/ Wont you come to me/ Wont you tell me …Oh and I had one of my favorites was Diana. “I’m so young and you’re so old/ Yes my darling I’ve been told/ Oh, please stay by me/ Diana, pa, pa, pa pa dam, pa dam” et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Interviewer: What type of music do you listen now?
Moore: Oh, mostly I listen to all types of music that I can.

Island in the Sun 

This is my island in the sun

Where my people toiled since time begun

Having seen so many seas

This is the only [inaudible]

Oh island in the sun, dealt to me by my fathers hands

All the day I will sing and praise

Of the crystal waters and shining sun

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