Listen to Voices : Joheta Clark

Joheta Clark was born in 1984 and is a native Panamanian. She grew up loving to dance and sing. She has never lost her passion for dance and uses this passion to reach out and minister to young boys and girls. Joheta has a rich background with ancestors from Jamaica, Barbados, and Nicaragua. Joheta has combined her experience among Spanish speaking people in Panama with her parents’ English language to make her marketable in the work world. She studied international studies and received a college degree in 2001.


Kari Coley Brown

Interviewer Biography

Kari C. Brown is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and an independent consultant in project management and philanthropy, as well as the creator and designer of Kindred Fashion for Social Change, founder of Tal Como Soy (As I Am) agency for Afro-Panamanian talents, and vice-president of the Arnold Walters Foundation for Cultural Diversity.

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