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VFOA team members state the importance of highlighting little known histories within Afro communities in Panama and beyond as a way to bridge generations and peoples



Vida Afrolatina 

Violeta Donawa

Learn how VFOA is helping Afro-Panamanian individuals and community institutions to express, gather, and dissmeminate oral histories and the United States' role in these historical accounts.

Imagining America 

Imagining America

VFOA's work complements this national consortium's mission of Humanities for the public good.

Nashville Public Library Presentation

From Vanderbilt University: Dr. Nwankwo shares new insights and information gained through the work of her Voices from Our America project. As a contribution to the realization of the robustly democratic America envisioned and called for by humanists such as Langston Hughes, Frederick Douglass, and John Blassingame, The Voices from Our America™ project uncovers previously inaudible, silenced, or neglected American voices to facilitate cross-cultural and cross-generational conversation and to make these exchanges a fundamental part of K-12, collegiate, graduate, and community education in the U.S. and Panama. It does so by generating novel methods and venues by and through which students, faculty, community members, and institutional stakeholders can work collaboratively to advance local and hemispheric knowledge, connectedness, and cooperation.

Afro-Hispanic Review

A multi-lingual journal of Afro-Hispanic literature and culture.